Within the “EU4Employment” project, the International Labour Organization (ILO), with the support of the European Union and Sweden, announced five Public Calls for submission of full project proposals in the December 2023, for the allocation of grants in the amount of up to 3.5 million USD.
The invitations were intended for all stakeholders on the labour market with the capacity to provide services and programs specified in the published Calls, including the establishment of partnerships with institutions of the labour market and social protection and specialized agencies, organizations, or individuals for the provision of services in order to increase the formal employment of hard-to-employ persons.
The Evaluation Panel reviewed all 26 received project proposals using the criteria published in the Instructions for Applicants. As a result, ranking lists of evaluated projects were established, according to the following LOTs:

LOT 1. Activation and employment of young women and men (15-29 years old)
LOT 2. Activation and employment of women from rural areas (15-64 years)
LOT 3. Activation and employment of persons with disabilities (15-64) in the open labour market
LOT 4. Activation and employment of Roma (ages 15-64)
LOT 5. Inclusion of long-term unemployed women and men (15-64) in the labour market

As a result of the overall evaluation process of submitted project proposals, the following list of the best rated project applications proposed for financial support was defined.
In accordance with the propositions of public calls, the ILO reserves the right not to conclude a contract with the below-mentioned applicants, i.e. not to finance the proposed projects, if by the date of signing the contract, the applicants do not submit documentation or do not fulfill other formal requirements set by the ILO in accordance with by public invitation (chapter 8.2. Instructions for project proposal submitters).


#Leading applicant Name of the project
 1.PLOD Centre BihaćFor Gen Z career
 2.City Administration of GradiškaOpportunity for Youth
 3.Association for entrepreneurship and job LINKLINK for Youth
 4.LIR EvolutionSupport to Youth Employment in LEP Krajina
 5.Association of Trainers CEFE in BiHYouth Employment Project: CINS4YOUTH
 6.Regional Economic Community REZLEP SBK for Youth
 7.Caritas Bosnia and HerzegovinaYour Job
 8.Social Education Centre Banja LukaSupport and Opportunities to Youth Employment


#Leading applicant Name of the project
 1.Development Agency of City of Prijedor „PREDA“GET EMPLOYED
 2.Association of Trainers CEFE in BiHWomen in rural area: Path towards (self)employment
 3.Association GEAUSPON – Successful Change of Women Status in rural areas


#Leading applicant Name of the project
 1.Youth Association „Ružičnjak“Garden of Roses
 2.Organisation of Amputees UDAS of Republika SrpskaFriends for Cooperative Future
 3.Federation of Organizations for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities FBiH SumeroSPRINT – The system of improving the work integration of persons with disabilities on the labour market


#Leading applicant Name of the project
 1.Association “Centre for integrative inclusion of Roma and Roma women Otaharin”Business with diversity: Roma in the world of work


#Leading applicant Name of the project
 1.Chamber of Economy of Republika Srpska, Regional office Banja LukaInitiative for Sustainable Employment INOVA

The expected results of the presented projects are that a minimum of 1,250 people from the target groups will benefit from the implementation of innovative active labour market policies, and minimum of 625 people from the target groups will be employed.

In the forthcoming period, you will have the opportunity to find out details about each of the selected projects on our website.